vendredi 22 août 2014

> Solutions for every applications !

Metracom is a leading French company specialized in both line of sight radio links and sensitive satellite telecommunications systems for use in a variety of international or domestic corporate applications :


  • Earth station including a DVB multiplexing platform
  • SCPC Stations for contribution
  • Video Teleport including multi-satellite antennas with scheduling solutions
  • Turnkey TV and Radio coverage solutions using Satellite distribution and Terrestrial tranmitters
  • Live news with Fly Away and SNG vehicles
  • Digital wireless video transmissions
  • TV over IP solutions
  • Monitoring & control of nodal and transmission networks


  • GSM backhaul
  • Internet PoP’s
  • International truncking
  • Temporary and transportable links
  • Integrated Hybrid network management


  • VSAT Networks with adapted technology
  • Customized solutions for specific applications including transportable and maritime stations
  • Spectrum monitoring
  • Wireless digital video transmissions


  • Private broadband VSAT networks
  • High Speed Internet Access
  • Connectivity with facilities for stations hosting





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