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Satcom on the move

Getting VSAT connectivity everywhere, while in movement and discretely is a need expressed in many fields: Media/Broadcast, Disaster Recovery, First Response, Homeland Security, Surveillance/Security, Trains, Public Transit and many others. On-The-Move technology is the ideal solution for continuous broadband connectivity (voice, video and data) without antenna deployment.

Metracom approach :

Metracom provides ultra-low profile and rugged On-The-Move solutions with high throughput (up to 10 Mbps), 

Metracom propose also governmental OTM X/Ka.
Low Profile, Light Weight and Simple Installation
  • Lowest profile commercially available SATCOM antenna in the world
  • Installs on any vehicle using standard roof rack

Efficient Transponder Bandwidth Utilization

  • Return Link Equivalent to 88cm x 36cm (35in x 14in) Parabolic
  • 1-2 bits/Hz Return Link (no spreading required)

High Data Rates

  • 49-52 dBW EIRP with Internal 40W BUC (56 to 59 dBW with External BUC)
  • HD Back-Haul Capable (up to 10 Mbps)

Broadband World-Wide Coverage and Availability

  • Full International (Ku-band) Frequency Coverage
  • All-Latitude Availability with Full Equatorial, High-Skew, and Near-Zenith Ops


  • Maintain connectivity in-route at highway speeds.
  • Recover connectivity instantly after sustained blockages





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