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Video Head-end

Broadcast industry is in a permanent evolution. The analog to digital migration bring a wide area for new technologies: increasing picture definition with HD, emerging 4K (Ultra-HD) and3D. These new features drive broadcasters and countries to review their initial choice with the digital migration.

The widely deployed fast internet access networks  and the cellular 3G/4G – LTE  deployments drop the IP-TV and multi-screens offers.

The TV society jump from linear distribution to VOD and catch-up services. 

The deployment of these news services requires to build new head-end with the latest video compression algorithms, and new infrastructures such as segmenters to target the different devices, CDN servers and a number of software components 

Metracom : Video Head end integrator

Partnering with well experimented equipment manufacturers, METRACOM built end-to-end solutions from DTH and Digital Terrestrial TV to the new converging offers based on IP distribution.

With its integrator position since years in the broadcast industry, METRACOM use its long experience with video compression, satellite transmission and IP networks, to cleverly associate the different parts of the puzzle with the expertise of several equipment vendors and software developers in order to build the new generation of head-ends for linear and non linear content distribution

Video encoding platform

  • MPEG2, H264 encoding ,
  • SD, HD, UHD (4K)
  • Transcoder, segmenter
  • Sat-Mux
  • service encryption & CA
  • EPG


  • DTTV : DVB-T/T2, MFN or SFN
  • DTH : DVB-S/S2
  • IPTV – OTT 




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