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Satellite and terrestrial communications networks, but also in the broadcast world, headends, MCR, compression and transmission platforms, must be supervised by a software solution.

The aim is both to control the equipment deployed (centralized remote control) and to monitor (raise alarms in real time) and also to perform real-time monitoring of operational services, networks and perform automatic actions in case of problems (switch to backup chains, site redundancy, ...).


The diversity of deployed equipment and the variety of manufacturers involved in these deployments, require the use of agnostic NMS solutions, independent of any manufacturer in order to manage any piece of equipment:

  • Test & maintenance equipment

  • Telecom / IT equipment

  • Communication equipment (satellite/ terrestrial)

  • Broadcast equipment (encoders/ decoders, routers, measurement probes, ... )

  • Environmental control and security equipment.

Metracom  APPROACH:

We have acquired expertise in design, development and integration of NMS solutions through many deployments over the past twenty years.

Our projects cover very different areas such as:

  • Full remote management of earth stations with remote control for action on the teleport

  • Control and monitoring of video head-ends with statistical multiplexing and redundancies management

  • QoE / QoS : video and audio quality monitoring on multinational networks


Being an independent integrator allows us to consider all technical solutions and select the suitable NMS software for each project. METRACOM is deploying SNMP TRAPS collection tools as well as powerful and complex NMS but also ad-hoc software solutions developed in-house.


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