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Implementing a communication network with specificities such as guaranteed speeds, mobility, deployments in isolated or non-urbanized areas, upgrading an existing network to improve performance or simply upgrading a satellite station, all of these situations require knowledge and understanding of the latest technologies available, in order to find a reliable and optimized solution for the real need.

METRACOM Consulting: from specifications to site acceptance 

Based on our experience as a system integrator in satellite telecommunications and broadcasting, we offer consulting and support services on various subjects. All the company’s resources combine their skills to provide consulting services in terms of managing calls for tender and assisting project owners: drafting specifications, sizing networks and stations, evaluating bids, supporting negotiations and technical supervision, site audits, acceptance, and commissioning of stations.

  • Assistance in writing the customer’s system specifications, identification and validation of technical solutions, comparison
    between different technologies in relation to usage data, optimization of the performance/cost ratio between the investment
    amount and the space segment cost.
  • Qualification of space segment offers and sourcing (choice of satellite capacity, analysis of link balances, coverage areas, etc.).
  • Network and/or station engineering, availability calculations, choice of station architectures.
  • Choice of teleport and associated services for trunking solutions and connection with terrestrial networks, implementation of
    terrestrial network back-up solutions by satellite solutions.
  • Site audit including electromagnetic field surveys, satellite clearance.
  • Coverage study for digital terrestrial television broadcasting networks.
  • Technical audit and proposal for refurbishment of earth stations and existing network.

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