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Satcom solutions are evolving very quickly among manufacturers.
In the Satcom or video transmission area, it is often tough to identify the best fit with the current needs as the products and solutions are quickly moving with the equipment’s vendors. This is due to fast technology revolution. Getting a complete set of equipment and accessories without calling all the vendors may be a strong source of efficiency. Getting valuable information from an agnostic distributor is certainly a good way to validate the choice.

METRACOM : equipment supplier

From its continuously renewed experience as system integrator, METRACOM offers its customers equipment without any choice limitation. It Uses an analytic and bench marking approach for each request. The Company is strongly attached to propose the best fit to any specific customer need.

With its reselling activity the company brings the following advantages and options:

  • Technical pre-sale support
  • One stop shopping for any equipment packs, for example:VSAT antenna + modem + BUC + LNB + Cables,Or, Receive only
    antenna + LNB+ IRD + cables, …
  • METRACOM keeps its technical responsibility for the whole package.
  • Test and pre-configuration of the equipment with a hotline ticket during commissioning.
  • Support the delivery of the installation site, or in the country of use
  • Warranty extension options
  • The repairs and customer care center

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