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Fly away – tactical termials

New Wireless and mobile telecommunications solutions such as LTE, 4G or Wimax bring to the world a great improvement. However, Transportable satcom solution remains a must when users need to warranty the bit rate and the link availability from everywhere:

Covering TV breaking news from anywhere in the world, with broadcast video quality and availability is always strong requirement for broadcasters.
Corporate or governmental missions having high value data’s to be transferred in real time, or need for strong and secured Internet connectivity from isolated area’s generally with hard environmental conditions
For Telco operators, requiring to quickly restore data connectivity and voice traffic, in case of network failures or natural disaster to ensure their network availability is also generally a first priority.
Transportable station and Fly-Away’s bring quick deployable trunking solutions with the best availability.

Our solutions :
Based on partnerships with reliable vendors, METRACOM, proposes transportable solutions fitting the most accurately the customer targets, provides the system integration services and the operators’ trainings.
Transportable Fly-Away’s must answer to a wide range of applications and generally used with hard weather and environmental conditions.

Quickly deployable, these terminals are available in C, X, Ku, Ka bands or even in multi-band as Ku/Ka, for private applications, or X/Ka for governmental use. We do the sizing for these transportable stations based on the customer application, taking into account the maximum bit rate, and link budget through different regions and satellites.

These transportable stations may have optimized volume and weight for civil aviation (IATA) and may be easily carried with any kind of public transportation or even with helicopters.

Some of them may be directly approved by the satellite operators avoiding the need of qualification tests. And all of them must meet the FCC standards.

The quick deployment, the automatic alignment, the operating automations are also criteria’s that can be considered.

The transportable stations may also be integrated on vehicle or trailers in order to associate additionals equipments, power supply sub-system, or even available working space.


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