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On-the-move terminals

Getting VSAT connectivity everywhere, while in movement and discretely is a need expressed in many fields of activity: Disaster Recovery, Homeland Security, broadcasters. There is also a growing demand to provide continuous connectivity services on Trains or long-distance Bus.
In most of these cases terrestrial Cellular networks cannot provide this permanent connectivity due to congestion or lake of coverage. VSAT On-The-Move technology is the ideal solution to bring continuous connectivity alone, or over the cellular networks.

On the move METRACOM solution: 
METRACOM provides ultra-low profile and rugged On-The-Move solutions. A choice of OTM antennas based on the targeted bandwidth to reach on the receive and transmit side with or without the connectivity services. Integration on the vehicle is particularly easy with standard roof bars Metracom propose also governmental OTM in X and Ka band.

Service offer can respond to a nearly worldwide coverage with, for instance, 5 Mbps receive and 2 Mbps Transmit in Ku band, either with a CIR bit rate, or different volumes of GBytes packs over 12 months period in case of more sporadic uses.

  • Low Profile, Light Weight and Easy to install
  • Spectral efficiency from 0.5 to 2 Bits/sec/Hz depending of the antenna using electronic or mechanical pointing and the satellite

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