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We meet our customer’s demands, keeping in mind the requirements of ground stations or even remote terminal relocations. This may include moving from one site to another, buying or selling an already used station, and establishing ground segment for new satellite coverage. Then, deployment of broadband terrestrial networks or access to sub-marine backbone to generate. This is also relocation situations.

Depending on the age and status of the considered station, it is highly recommended to, first, start by a technical survey in order to establish the more accurately a cost evaluation, including the overall relocation task’s and the replacement of parts and equipment’s

Our solutions of relocation

METRACOM’s approach, is first to survey the existing station prior to making any decisions, to clearly evaluate the cost of the entire job.

All our services bring their respective expertise in operation relocation service stations:

For this works evaluation, most of the METRACOM departments provide their expertise:
The Engineering department proceeds with a technical survey, and from its analysis will incorporate all the requirements in terms of recommendations to be respected during the different phases of the relocation.

This starts by tests at different levels prior to the dismantling of the satellite. This enables us to identify the needs for equipment renewal and up-grades to optimize the station for its new allocation.

The project management department, along with the logistic resources, organizes the whole operation including transportation. They also take into account the international aspects.

The production and installation department proceeds with the disassembly. Followed by containerizing the system, and then the installation on the new site happens, followed by the commissioning.

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