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SNG Vehicles

There are multiple ways to consider Broadcast News or Event transmission from the simple live video link between the field and the broadcasting center up to a more complete field live production. Taking into account the broadcaster operational environment, different topics have to be accurately considered to define the most convenient solution for DSNG vans:
  • Coach building definitions
  • Power supply to address to stand-alone use
  • Optimization of the transmission equipment
  • Video and audio workflows

All these aspects have to be considered with the space and load limitations given by the targeted vehicle profile Our SNG véhicules : Taking into account all these considerations, we investigate through the latest technologies available from the industry to build solutions the more closely with the customer specifications and application. We continuously analyze and bench-mark sub-systems available on the market to build optimized solutions, keeping also the cost of ownership as a main guideline.

  • Power supply base on Plumb or Lithium batteries or Generator.
  • SNG antenna choice accurately sized with the customer use, with different satellite alignment methods or even allowing on-the- move transmissions.
  • DVB-S2 and extensions, or Enhanced VSAT links for video and multipurpose feeds.
  • Terrestrial, such as 4G with satellite bounded links.
  • Integrated video and audio processing modules to save space and weight in the vans.
  • Network automation to make the video transmissions management as simple as possible and to optimize the use of space capacity over the time.

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