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TT&C and IOT stations

Large satellite antennas are used for traffic applications, but some of them are dedicated to more technical applications such as:

  • TT&C (Telemetry, Tracking & Control) or TCR (Telemetry, Command and Ranging) applications for controlling the satellite during
    final orbit acquisition and orbit control.
  • IOT (In-Orbit Test): reference antenna used to test the satellites when placed in final orbit position to check its real in-orbit
    capacity. These earth stations require very specific accuracy on all their main components.


METRACOM’s solutions :
As a proven integrator in the field of satellite communications, we are able to provide expertise and resources in engineering, integration, testing, logistics, installation and service for this type of applications where precision for mounting and antenna alignment is essential.
We assist satellite operators in the deployment process and guarantee quality of service to meet the high performance requirements.

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