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Being trained in the technology allows you to better understand your choices during the project phase, to operate your system efficiently and to avoid errors that impact the proper functioning of the equipment. Training brings a gain in efficiency at all levels.

Training in the first levels of maintenance gives operators autonomy and therefore better availability of a system in operation.

Our training : a guarantee of autonomy and expertise for you

We support you and provide you with our expertise to reinforce the operators’ control and therefore their efficiency.

Our training courses in the field of space telecommunications and video transmissions are intended for people from technical departments and operators; they generally include technical basics, presentation of the relevant architectures and practical application of the theoretical training.

  • Introduction to Satellite Communications
  • Antenna systems and RF equipment
  • Link budgets
  • Earth station architectures
  • Station qualification procedures
  • Digital transmissions, modems, and optimization techniques
  • VSAT station installation
  • GSM backhauling via satellite
  • Video compression – Codec and mux
  • Digital HF and COFDM modulation

Registered as an approved training organization, we are able to offer you a range of tailored training courses. These sessions can be organized on site or at our premises.

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