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ONATI | Polynesia


Telecommunications takes on its full meaning in a region like Polynesia located on the other side of the world. A vast territory spread over an area the size of Europe, consisting of a multiplicity of archipelagoes, has to rely on the latest technologies to have access to the telephone, internet, 4G and the media.

For more than 15 years METRACOM has been the privileged partner of ONATI (formerly the Post and Telecommunications Office of French Polynesia) to which it is the technical advisor, the supplier and provider of telecommunications and audiovisual distribution via satellite.

In addition to its partnerships with a number of suppliers of video and audio compression systems, METRACOM also implemented the only IP Video link which can distribute television programs in Polynesia via the submarine cable HONATO.

Even if since 2010 the submarine cable has continued to be developed in Polynesia (with NAITUA the extension to Samoa thus allowing connection with Australia), the fact remains that it is very expensive and satellite is more than ever needed to avoid a white area and to offer all the inhabitants the same service.

METRACOM is very proud to contribute to accessibility to cellphones, internet and audiovisual programs to these geographically isolated populations.
It is within this context that METRACOM will soon help ONATI secure its infrastructure by proposing a “back-up” satellite transmission station of 11 meters from the TNS satellite package and the back-up of the IP Video link between Hawaii- Tahiti via the new MANTATUA cable.

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