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AUSTRALIAN TERRITORIES | French Southern and Antarctic Territories


South of the Indian Ocean, three thousand kilometers from Africa, Australia and the Antarctic, the TAAF (French Southern and Antarctic Territories) consist of a group of islands inhabited by a number of scientists who maintain there a permanent human presence.

Far from anywhere, the islands, which have an average temperature of 4.5º C, are swept by a constant gush of strong winds which reach intensities of 250 km/h. No trees can grow here on the biggest natural reserve of France.
The only way to reach these islands is by boat and the legendary Marion Dufresne, the only regular transport to the rest of the world which makes the journey only four times a year.

METRACOM was requested to set up a satellite telecommunications network to secure a permanent link between these islands and La Réunion.
This project required a certain inventiveness in terms of deployment and flawless logistics.

The scientists themselves were trained before their departure to these forsaken lands. They acquired the rare skills indispensable for the establishment of a satellite telecommunications network, which was complex but at the same time indispensable.

This extremely reliable network facilitated access to information, improved ties with families and participated in a greater interaction with Mainland France in the exchange of scientific data.

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