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Business solutions

Most of companies having site on isolated areas or requiring high bandwidth availability from their networks use VSAT Solutions to carry their different telecom services. That’s mainly the case for the following applications:

  • Banks over countries with few backbone capacity
  • Oil and gaz
  • Telemedicine
  • Governmental organizations


Some others need to distribute data and video contents to multiple sites such as distance learning, media content distribution…

METRACOM offers a full range of customised solutions and services.

With its VSAT experiences, METRACOM propose efficient solutions to wide range of demands for remote Vsat Terminals with externalized HUB, or including the HUB.

Based on an agnostic approach to qualify the equipment vendors, and the space segment alternatives, we address the customer demands with different way:

  • Consultancy procurement services
  • Proposing engineering services to qualify the most appropriate solution
  • Bench marking space capacity solutions
  • Providing factory integration and sub-system testing services
  • Providing the global system and associated support services
  • Retrofit, relocation and maintenances services on existing VSAT networks

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